About Our Photograph and Line Drawing Design Library


We have in excess of 5,000 photographs and measured drawings in our library.  Don't hesitate to discuss your special wants and desires with us.

The following photographs are four pieces from our standard portfolio compared to the photographs of their famous counterparts.






Auctioned by Christie's

for a record setting

price for a piece of furniture

in 1989






Heirloom Period Furniture




Chippendale mahogany chest of drawers, labeled by John Townsend (1732-1809), Newport, RI,   dated 1792.

Sold in 1951 by Isreal Sack for $18,000.

Christie's sold the bureau in 1998 for $4,732,500





Heirloom Period Furniture





Reportedly sold by

Christies for


in  1999





Heirloom Period Furniture




John Hancock (1737-1793), to his wife

Dorothy Quincy Hancock (1747-1830), to her grandneice

Martha Quincy, to her sister

Mary Nash Quincy (1817-1889), to her daughter

Marie Inez Perry (1855-1939), to her daughter

Elsie Hazel Smith (1881-1958), to her daughter

Elise Virginia Gaylord, (1905-1978), to her son

Reportedly sold for $242,000



Heirloom Period Furniture

Ours is not quite identical... in that

our pad feet are not quite as shallow



One Example From Our Line Drawings Library

We think of our furniture as an investment by you.  While we can offer no guarantee, we do believe the price of our furniture will continue to appreciate in value over time.

Every customer receives an authenticated and numbered certificate of ownership citing the construction dates, primary and secondary woods used and the name of the furniture maker.

We are proud of what we do.  Properly cared for, our furniture will last generations.  Hence our name...... Heirloom Period Furniture.